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Good practices to preserve beaches

LIINLO advice for preserving beaches

fond plage

. Throw away your rubbish or take it away. It seems obvious, but apparently not for everyone! There is still too much garbage on our beaches, so don't forget to throw out yours! If there are no trash cans on the beach, take them away and throw them out as soon as you see a trash can. If you see trash on the beach, pick it up, your seemingly small gesture can make a difference!

. We hydrate yes, but we forget the plastic bottles. Favor gourds over plastic bottles! In addition to being cooler and more personalized, they reduce plastic consumption and waste!

. Protect yourself with a sunscreen that respects the oceans. Because yes, even your innocent - and indispensable - sunscreen applied on the beach threatens the fish. Once in the water, the products that protect our skin become a real poison for marine life, to the point that Hawaii and other countries have banned some of them. For a sunscreen that respects the oceans, therefore prefer a product with a mineral filter rather than a chemical one, and without oxybenzone or octinoxate.

. On adopte le cendrier de poche. Objet indispensable du fumeur voyageur ! Le cendrier de poche vous permettra de jeter vos mégots n’importe où. N’est-il pas bien plus agréable de pouvoir passer ses mains et ses pieds dans le sable chaud sans avoir à rencontrer un mégot de cigarette ?

. Favoriser les sports qui ne polluent pas Bye bye le jet-ski et bonjour aux sports de planche ! Mettez-vous au surf, à la planche à voile ou encore au kite surf. De quoi vous parfaire un beau corps cet été et en plus de ne pas polluer ! Quoi de mieux ?

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